Upcoming Events

Friday, May 1
Family Friday
All Lower School parents are invited to Family Friday.
Details to be announced.
Tuesday, May 19
Parent Association Meeting -8:15am
Thursday, May 21
8th Grade Senior Trip
Please contact Rebecca for information regarding trip
Friday, May 29
8th Grade Trip #2
Please see Rebecca for details
Monday, June 1
Family Friday
All lower school parents are invited in at 8:20am.
We will begin with a short workshop, followed by a visit to your child's classroom.
Thursday, June 4
8th Grade Senior Dance
Please see Rebecca for permission slip and details.
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Non attendance day for all students
Time and place to be announced
Monday, June 8
MAT Fashion Show
Seeking Parent Volunteers to help.
Please contact Rebecca or Ms. Schorr.
Tuesday, June 9
6th Grade Orientation
Wednesday, June 10
Kindergarten Orientation
Kindergarten Orientation
Kindergarten Orientation
Kindergarten Orientation
Kindergarten Orientation
Kindergarten Orientation
Tuesday, June 16
Parent Association Meeting -8:15am
Wednesday, June 17
5th Grade Dance
Details to be announced
Algebra Regents
Thursday, June 18
Pre K and Kindergarten Promotion Ceremonies
Details to be announced
Friday, June 19
5th Grade Graduation
Details to be announced.
Science Regents
Time to be announced
Monday, June 22
8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
Details will be forwarded to parents.

Welcome to the PS 126 / Manhattan Academy of Technology Website


March 23, 2015


Dear Families,


LATENESS. For many families lateness is never an issue. However, we have a number of families that do send/bring their children to school late on a consistent basis. Late means any time after 8:20. THIS IS PROBLEMATIC.


Here are many of the reasons why being on time is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY and NON-NEGOTIABLE.


1.        Every minute counts at school- and the morning sets the learning tone for the day for students.

2.        The entire class deserves to have NO DISTRACTIONS of someone entering the room late.

3.        Your child does not have to feel embarrassed or upset that he/she is late.

4.        Your child does not miss very important instruction.


Latenesses are recorded.  Middle and High Schools look at ATTENDANCE RECORDS and the numbers of late arrivals can impact your child’s chances of acceptance to the school of his/her choice.


We are going to hold a workshop for those of you who consistently send/bring your children to school late. We are happy to HELP. Have you tried:


1.        Going to bed earlier- studies show that children in elementary and middle school need minimally 9 hours of sleep a night.

2.        Stopping  technology at least 2 hours before bed- the light from computer screens is too stimulating.

3.        Waking up at least 30 minutes earlier.

4.        Preparing backpacks, laying out clothes, and organizing all school materials the night before.


Please help us get all students to school on time because late students disrupt their own education and the education of the other students in the class.


With Respect,

Jacqui Getz

Please take a moment to fill out your child's lunch application.
Every family must fill out a form, including families that do not qualify for free or reduced lunch and students that do not eat school lunch. 
Link- https://www.applyforlunch.com/

Please be advised that the school phones are working intermittently.

Please check out the Parent's Association Page - under "For Parents" for all forms and details of upcoming events.