Upcoming Events

Wed, Mar 4 - Fri, Mar 6
7th Grade Trip to Frost Valley
Bus will leave at 7:30am on Wedneasday and return around 4:30pm on Friday.
Tuesday, March 17
Parent Association Meeting -8:15am
Tuesday, April 21
Parent Association Meeting -8:15am
Tuesday, May 19
Parent Association Meeting -8:15am
Tuesday, June 16
Parent Association Meeting -8:15am

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February 2, 2015

Dear Families,

This year is going by so quickly that my head is spinning! We still have so much to learn and explore and discover with your children! Thankfully, the staff in the testing grades, 3-8, maintains their belief system that out of all of the ways we help our children to succeed on tests designed by outside sources, the most important way to succeed in school is to be inspired to LEARN. Our staff starts in Pre-Kindergarten working to help your children OWN their learning- and to internalize a desire to learn. Ken Robinson, author of THE ELEMENT, writes,

“Learning happens in the minds and souls of individuals….”

We take all state testing very seriously- so much so that we teach your children how to read for purpose, write for purpose, do mathematics with purpose, apply scientific concepts with purpose, do art, play music, and work hard at sports with purpose. All of these skills combined will support the learning lives of your children, and in turn get them through testing season!


With Respect,

Jacqui Getz

By the way- Homecoming and all activities was postponed to February 6! There is a problem with the heat in the Rec Center. Fingers crossed it is resolved soon!
Chinese New Year Celebration:
Origami Workshop, Jan 28th ato Feb 6th 8:30am in Cafeteria
Lion Dance and Parent Breakfast Friday, 13th in the Playroom at 8:45am




Please take a moment to fill out your child's lunch application.
Every family must fill out a form, including families that do not qualify for free or reduced lunch and students that do not eat school lunch. 
Link- https://www.applyforlunch.com/

Please be advised that the school phones are working intermittently.

Please check out the Parent's Association Page - under "For Parents" for all forms and details of upcoming events.